Affordable Piano Lessons for Kids and Teens!

Kitsap Piano Lessons offers piano lessons in two piano studio locations, with lesson lengths varying from half hour lessons to hour long lessons. My rates are listed below depending on the length of the lesson and the amount of children enrolled per family. I encourage young children, Ages 5-8, to have a 30 minute lesson each week and youth, over age 9, to have between 30 minutes and an hour lesson each week.

Suquamish Studio:

Families with one child enrolled:

$20/per half hour = $80/per MONTH (four half-hour lessons)
$25/per 45 minutes = $100/per MONTH (four 45 min. lessons)
$30/per hour = $120/per MONTH (four 1 hour lessons)

Families with two or more children enrolled:

$30/per hour (30 minutes each child) = $120/per four hour lessons (split)
$45/per 1.5 hours (45 min. each) = $180/per four 1.5 hour lessons (split)
$60/per 2 hours (1 hour each) = $240/per four 2 hour lessons (split)

Please Note

Lessons are charged by four weeks of lessons. Payments should be made the first week of each four lessons. No-shows and cancellations will still be charged unless I receive at least 24 hours notice. I do not do make-up lessons for No -shows. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours prior may be made up if there are times available. Lessons that can not be made-up will not be eligible for a refund. Exceptions may be made for emergencies or planned vacations.

For further information on Kitsap Piano Lessons policies please visit the Policy page.


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Affordable Piano Lessons
Suquamish Studio
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